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Model "A" and "M" sprayers are our 2 most industrial lines of sprayers. They feature metal construction , brass nozzles, and corrosion resistant working parts. Model "A" Sprayers have a 32 oz. liquid capacity and the Model "M" sprayers have a 24 oz. liquid capacity. Model "A" sprayers feature a steel canister and come with either a powder coated or chrome plated exterior.

Model "M" sprayers have an industrial anodized finish on both the interior and exterior. Model "A" sprayers work with oil and solvent based materials and Model "M" sprayers can also be used with water based materials. Partial and complete repair kits are available and all of the nozzles and extensions fit both "A" and "M" sprayers.



Nozzle #602, Adjustable From Extra
Fine Mist To Pin Stream.

Sure Shot Model "M" sprayers offer the same chemical resistant working parts as the Model "A" sprayers. They come standard with an adjustable nozzle and feature a chemical resistant anodized finish. Model "M" sprayers will work with water, solvent and oil based materials. Model "M" sprayers use the same nozzles and extensions as the Model "A" sprayers. Your choice of either Silver or Black Anodized finish. All Sure Shot® sprayers have a maximum pressure of 200 P.S.I.

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