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Erythromycin brands in australia are being sold as 'bacterial weapons' to combat the Aids virus Antibiotics have long been the focus of public health concerns. They play a key role in the fight against infectious diseases, from pneumonia to the HIV virus. But their use to treat human disease has increasingly come under scrutiny. While the World Health Organisation has acknowledged that antibiotic resistance is a growing problem, it unclear if the drugs are reason for increased resistance. Researchers have suggested that resistance is likely Erythromycin 500mg $77.76 - $0.86 Per pill to be caused by other factors, such as food supplies or changes in drug dosages. This week, new research reported in the journal Nature suggests that a type of penicillin - the second most commonly used antibiotic in the world - has been discovered in an Australian cave more than 1,000 years ago. The new antibiotic, which was called "Penicillium chrysogenum" because it was found in the same cave, is believed to have only been available for medical use in the past 100 years. a new study the researchers found it was as part of a mixture other antibiotics. "If we could identify the exact active part of this new penicillin, we could have a lot more insights to make it better and even more effective," said Dr Nanna Ihde, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Auckland. The discovery has raised questions about how long the bacteria lived in cave, and how quickly a penicillin formulation would have worked at treating human diseases. "It was a complete surprise when we found it," Dr Ihde told The New York Times. "It's really exciting that we have found a new antibiotic in Australia more than 1,000 years ago, but that it has been completely overlooked. This very important implications for medicine today." The new drug was discovered by chance, as part of a research project into ancient and modern bacteria fungi in New Zealand. The researchers were searching for oldest bacteria and fungi in the cave, were looking for some ancient microbial DNA, to help them identify the ancient bacteria. The findings of study were revealed in the journal Nature. The discovery is likely to help scientists understand how modern bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics, a recent report from the International Development Research Centre suggests. "We are concerned that the rapid evolution of microbes that resist antibiotics has not yet been fully reflected in current antibiotic use policies," Dr Ihde said. "There is a lot to be learned about how bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics and how we can fight back."

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Generic medicine for erythromycin, the antibiotic of choice for staph infections, should not inhibit the growth of these organisms. Erythromycin is now a "preferred" antibiotic for many staph infections. One reason given for this is to avoid the threat of bacterial resistance. As more people take erythromycin, this threat is being diminished, as the likelihood that drug will be lost to the environment. But it is still likely that some strain of the organism that is resistant to erythromycin will still exist in the environment. Dr. Fauci says: "I think the most urgent question for us to answer right now is 'will we preserve the genetic diversity of our bacteria, and will they retain the ability to adapt each other, be resistant to antibiotics, and antibiotics not develop resistance to each other'? "We are making progress; we not yet to the stage where most of our bacteria are resistant to antibiotics, but it is going to get there, and that prescription drug prices us vs canada will require more work." And it is an effort that won't come easily; many new antibiotics are needed, including so